Thursday, April 01, 2010

Interview with TakingITGlobal Co-founder

قابلت إمبارح لأول مرة "جينيفر كوريرو"..

واللي مايعرفش هي مين؟ هي واحدة من اتنين أسسوا مؤسسة

Tacking ITGlobal

واللي مايعرفش المؤسسة الشبابية دي بتعمل ايه؟

يحاول يشوف الفيديو ده لحد ما يسمح الوقت

واترجم الحوار كله بالعربي..


Jennifer Corriero is an innovator and leader, bringing tremendous insight into understanding, reaching and motivating youth. Jennifer's experience includes developing and driving youth programs related to technology, collaboration and entrepreneurship, and has designed and delivered an extensive range of interactive learning experiences with the aim of empowering youth as community leaders.

In 2003, Jennifer was a member of the Official Canadian Government Delegation to the World Summit on the Information Society. She has presented and supported civil society engagement at events including the World Urban Forum, International AIDS Conference, and World Summit on Sustainable Development, Youth Employment Summit and Global Knowledge Partnership International Forum.

Jennifer has been a youth engagement strategy consultant for a range of organizations including Microsoft, TD Bank, VanCity Credit Union, Ontario Science Centre and the Canadian Government. She has a BA (Liberal Studies) with a focus on 'Business, Communications, Technology and Culture' and a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University.

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