Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quarrel Love

ده بوست من صديقة لطيفة جداً وطيبة جداً جداً، حبيت اني انشره بالنيابة عنها لأنها معندهاش مدونة... بس حسيت ان البوست بيتكلم بالنيابة عن ناس كتير أوي، فحبيت اكون انا بأنشر بالنيابة عنها :)

although i dnt even have a b.f. yet, i am already apologizing.. i am sorry 4 all the hard time i am gonna give u.. i am sorry 4 freaking out, every time we just quarrel.. i am sorry i am so scared of even thinking of quarreling.. i am sorry 4 being scared of starting a relationship cuz it might end.. i am sorry i might act crazy cuz i am scared.. but believe me its not my fault that i am scared... i am just a normal little gurl who grew up in the 1990's and 2000's.. the time that u rarely find a happy couple... the time when divorce is a very normal word.. the time when u cant find a home with no fighting parents.. the time when all sorts of couples are unhappy, whether married/engaged/committed and even open relationships.. time when girls and boys seek marriage but once they get there they start missing the "single" times. time of youth who grew up cherishing love,, but never found that fairytale kind of it that they have cherished.. time of mislead youth... I'm sorry i have a fragile heart that got scared.. i am sorry u'll have to do much effort to assure me so as not to run.. i am sorry i'll have the will to run and run very fast, cuz I'll b running 4 my life... i am sorry that i might push u away with all the force i got, like i did and still do with every guy who likes me .. i am sorry u'll have to tolerate all this... I'm sorry i grew up in the time of "quarrel love" and not the "fairytale love"..:)

by: N. A.R


  1. 3amona 3ezz ...
    It reminds me of a song I heard quite some time ago .... It's called "You can't lose what you never had"

    I guess we in our society in all fields and areas ... we have a big problem called "Losing Trust"
    We lost our confidence in everything we used to adopt easily in the past and the values we were raised upon and whether what we're in now is because of all what we've been raised on ... or it's because of major changes that happened in the last few years ...

    This is healthy by the way ... we're doing a revision that we forgot to make for centuries.

    and in the same time it's another symptom of the information revolution where there's a known cause for everything and there's an analysis for every little problem we face.

    My opinion or my advice if you shall; is to let all that behind us and try to search for somebody we can put our trust in ... and build a relationship based on friendship and respect ... instead of platonic love ... coz it doesn't exist.

    Open up... find somebody you wanna spend the rest of your life with and let what happens happens ...

    slam my man

  2. عم عز ... روح شوف
    I Am Legend ...
    هيعجبك أوي و يمكن أو ياريت تكتب بوست عنه ... عشان بصراحة فيه كلام كتير أوي يتقال عليه

  3. Samurai Bek ...

    ana 3ayz a2olak eny waiting for I AM LEGEND mn 2bl ma yenzel be shahrrr ... ana ba3mel program LIVE kol khames w gom3a w sbat 3la Radio Horytna ( ) esmo el WEEKEND ...

    feh m3aia beib2a yom el gom3a, moderet Yasmine El Samahy.., 2oltelha eny haro7 el movie da awl yom ma yenzelll...

    aina3am till now ma2dertsh aroo7o bs isA bokra hanzel el sob7 adkhol el movie da 3shan ana WASEK isA eno gamed gedan ..

    wait b2a le post 3ano soon

    shokran ya man

  4. زمااااان و انا صغير كنت بحلم ابقى كبير ..ابقى كبير..تعب الحلم و اتحير من الدنيا و م المشاوير..و اما كبرت قلت يا ريت لا كنت حلمت و لا اتمنيت..قلت يا ريتنى فضلت صغير زى زماااان..متهيالى هوا ده كلنا..و ياريت تشكرلى البنت دى جدا لان كلامها جوايا..دى اول مرة اجى هنا

  5. Ezz,
    This is sooooooo very true ... take it from a girl :)

    On the same theme, plz read my last blog titled: عصر الرومانسية انهزم يا ميييينز

  6. Dear Ezz,

    Problem is not in love khaaaales...mafish love fashel w mafish marriage PEOPLE fashleen...I agree with the girl who wrote the post, that's true...but i think that as a reaction to what we notice, we should try an opposite direction, not to fear the wrong direction people are following...
    There is no rule saying that a couple must quarel all the time...mafish rule bet2ool 2en couples lazem yezha2o and miss their single life...di rules that people put...and people can erase as well...tell her to try follow another creative...we needn't follow our generation's rules nor our parent's rules wala 7ata ay rules...learn from what is happening arround you and be smart to build a life that pleases you.. and choose someone who is willing to have same kind of life.

  7. ezz pasha...

    yup this the fact she talked about :'(

  8. well said
    thanks ya prince for allowing us to read such a true post
    well some people have other fears, like dissolution in the realtion and lossing their privacy, some people restore to fights to assure to therir partner that i am still strong even u r there in my life
    i know that might sounf werid but some ppl do it

  9. me too .....i totally agree with the girl who wrote the post coz real love(platonic love)diappeared
    forever, but this doesn't mean lose hope
    and do as this girl is doing nooooooo.
    we should try and try to find at least person who can give us that feeling of love coz love worth effort .......
    after marriage i know that all couples regret hehehe but too late
    they lose chance to be single again so they have to i say have to live in peace together and try to give each other love,understanding,goodwill coz they have no other choice .

  10. ezz i can/t found the words to say
    but i want to thx u about this post and plz thx this girl i feeling this words so much
    :-* :)

  11. hi ezz u move my feeling when i red this post thx man